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We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign and aim to support new and existing cyclists in the borough.

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Our messages to the Mayor of London:


Dear Sadiq Khan, please ensure CS9 goes ahead all the way to London!Sue Garden
Please make it safer out west. Thanks. PS Lionel Road South cycle lane is dangerous!Rebecca Sharp
As a regular cyclist and resident of Hounslow, CS9 would be of huge benefit to meHelen Esquilant
Please help to make safer cycle routes for me and my children by prioritising cycle route 9Clare Horton
We need a west London to London Route that's sensible, quick and safeSav Montorio
Please could we have more cycle lanes and some to ChiswickDavid Lund
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please get on with making this path. I believe in you!Nina Wieszczycki
My life depends on it and those of London cyclistsSasha Moore
I support cycle lanes for West LondonMatt Rhodes
Sadiq Khan, Please help us build the cycle superhighwayJill Noble
Sadiq, please provide more cycle superhighways. Thank you.Sylvie Glossop
Both as the MP and as a cycling commuter to Westminster from Brentford PLEASE look at this Sadiq!Ruth Cadbury
I support the cycleways to ChiswickAnna Carpmad
Please complete what Boris started and make the superhighway a SAFE opportunity for cyclistsA. Clare Selden
As an older person I think I should be able to cycle safely along our roads and streets in LondonPeter Isaac
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please do something to encourage safe cycling for allYvette Isaac
Dear Sadiq, Thanks for being the Mayor. Please build the cyclehighway.Neil Dudgeon
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please make cycling safer in ChiswickTom Bridgewater
Dear Sadiq Khan, Would you kindly complete CS9 pleaseDiarm Scahill
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please do what you can to make cycling safer and less worrying for me and other less confident people keen to cycleMaggie Thorburn
I support separate cycle lanes!Janet White
I'd love to see and cycle on segregated cycle lanes all over London!Ian Alexander
Dear Sadiq Khan, I'd be most grateful if you'd complete CS9 with all urgency. Many thanks.Susan Daly
Dear Sadiq Khan, please bring CS9 to Chiswick and help west London be a sfer place for us cyclists! Thank you.Oliver Hill
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please help make cycling saferAnne Richardson
Would love to cycle more often but intimidated without cycle lanes west of LondonI McGlachie
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please give us the safe cycle routes to make the commute to work easier, safer and more encouraging. Thanks!Rashad Issa
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please provide more safe cycle routes in LondonJane Yettram
Dear Sadiq Khan, Please bring the cycleways to Chiswick and Hounslow. We desperately need it.Sue Heravi
Chiswick has been waiting too long for a superhighway! It would make cycling along the main roads safer anf more efficient.Lucy Taylor
Dear Sadiq Khan, could you please ensure more cycling provision is available to west London residents.Nora Brosnan
Its about time we had a safe way of cycling around London especially West London.Clare Johnston
I support the cycle lane and Wellesley Road improvement.Mr M Heravi
Fitter London. Healthier London. Always on the move London. Great to see London on bicycle.Dr Sandeep Kulkarns
Please complete the cycle superhighway in W. London through BrentfordR Malden
Please do it! I want to cycle safely in Hounslow and ChiswickLynne Judge
Bring these to West London please, then I can cycle with my kids.Kate Harvey
Please can we have our cycle highwaySanjeev Kaushal
Please can we have our cycle highway in Brentford? We want it!Rajan Icandola
We need to create more efficient transport options for future generationsKamal Shan
I would really appreciate if you could implement this cycle highwayOsman Khalil
I work in the Brentford area, I would love to see the cycle highway extended so that I feel more comfortable and safe cycling to work. Thank youJillain Fontes
Having ridden to Brentford from Isleworth, cars parked across lanes; lanes suddenly ending and busses driving dangerously close, we need a super highway!Ellen Nixon
Please help encourage an active lifestyle and improve our air quality by getting CS9 built!Nick Murison
Have returned from a holiday in Denmark where cycling highways play an important part in keeping people healthy and fit. A continuation of highways for cycling should continue in LondonClive Anstice
I support a segregated super highway from Hounslow to LondonSimon Morris
Please put in a super cycle highway. It would save a lot of accidents & help get families fit.Aldona Z-Thornton
I support a better & safer cycle route from Hounslow into LondonDavid Evans
Please, please help make Hounslow borough safer for cycling - for commuting, leisure & to help fight the problem of air pollution due to road traffic & the airportLindsay Chapman
Please improve our cycle routes. We need cycle superhighwaysSara Hall
I support a segregated cycle superhighway from Heathrow/Feltham to central LondonJohn Wood
I support this campaign. It will make everyone healthier.Mrs J Jones
Hi Sadiq, It would be great to have a safer route through Brentford. Please give us route 9.Joanna Penty
Please extend the superhighway network to Hounslow and FelthamLewis Brown
I use the A315 old Roman Road several times a week as I'm a local historian at Chiswick and Hounslow libraries. I cycle daily. Please make A315 a cycling superhighwayJames Marshall
I support a segregated super highway from Hounslow to LondonTeresa James
I fully support extending the superhighway network. Thanks!Jon Chambers
I whole heartedly support this. I cycle every day in London and it's dangerous.Charlotte Hoyle
Please ensure there's a cycle highway through Chiswick to HounslowMartin McHugh
I hope you are supportive of this & other initiatives to make London safer for cyclingJonny Baker
Make a cycle path to make roads saferGemma Nixon


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