Welcome to the home page of Hounslow Cycling Campaign.

We are the local group of the London Cycling Campaign and aim to support new and existing cyclists in the borough.

Our messages to Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan
We need protected safe space for cycling at Kew Bridge Junction


Dear Sadiq Khan,

Thanks for what London is doing already. It would be great to see more protected lanes and Kew Bridge improvements would be really welcome.Clare Cole
We need a protected cycle route through Brentford / Kew BridgeHenry Bloomfield
I would greatfully appreciate a safe space for cycling between Brentford and Chiswick and into Central London.George Radulski
Further to your Air Pollution concerns, please take active steps to improve provision for us cycling citizens.Mr D V Belfield
Please consider making a cycle lane to make accessible cycling from Chiswick to Central London.Anna Critchcow
Please do as much as you can to protect cyclists in LondonVic Russell
Please do all you can to improve cycling provision in LondonJ R Stroud-Torp
We've got a long way to go to make cycling as safe here as it is in the Netherlands & Germany. Its leaders like city mayors who make the difference. Please make a difference!Fiona Tweedie
I've just come back from the Netherlands and am so disappointed with how different & dangerous London still is.Mandy Riche
I regularly use this junction & currently have to use pavement with my teen children as it is so dangerous.Madeleine Stevens
Would love to see improvements to the cycle network to improve the riding conditions for myself and my familyScott Dikens
Please prioritise safe cycling all over London.Jo Hodges
I was knocked off my bike at this junction many years ago. Please take action to make it safer. Thanks.Judy Parsley





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