Hounslow Council have some proposals for the Great West Corridor (along the A4) from Osterley in the west to Chiswick Roundabout in the east. Their proposals include:

  • The Great West Cycleway “improved cycle lanes along the A4 to provide a safe, segregated and continuous east-west route, attracting more cyclists from a greater catchment”
  • The Boston Boardwalk “a new boardwalk to provide a direct and high quality pedestrian and cycle link to the Blue Sky block from Boston Manor station”

Great West CorridorGreat West corridor questionsHounslow Council want people to complete their questionnaire.
If you think delivering a high quality cycleway along the A4 is important, you can say so in response to Question 8.

More information about the consultation

Get a copy of the Council’s Questionnaire

The Great West Road was built in 1924 and in 1936-7 cycle tracks 9 foot wide were built either side along its length. These original cycleways were gradually eroded away as more car lanes were added. Transport for London currently control the design and upkeep of this road and have done so since Transport for London was created in 2000.

great west road aerial
The Great West Road after cycleways were added in 1937

Hounslow Council provide this map of air pollution from nitrogen dioxide along the corridor

Great West Corridor air pollution


One thought on “GREAT WEST CORRIDOR”

  1. I have cycled in several European countries as well as England – and I have only one comment. If I am to use a cycle lane, it has to be as easy to use as cycling along the road. If it isn’t, then it is only good for electric wheelchairs and the like!

    With cycling all the momentum has to be generated by the cyclist, so shared pavements with multiple dips, poor surface etc. are no good. Toucan crossings are no good – since when did a driver have to stop and press a button to request to cross a junction? Also road surfaces on main roads are generally kept in much better condition than road surfaces along cycle lanes, and more regularly cleaned (except for the pretend cycle lanes along the side of roads).

    In Holland, Sweden, Spain and many other European countries the cycle routes are given a much higher priority, and many have their own carriageway away from roads. This is mainly done using the sides of linear parks and green spaces, which we also have in Hounslow if we cared to make use of them, there are already muddy paths through many of them which could be turned into cycle paths avoiding the main roads altogether.

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