Statement on Updated Cycleway 9 Plans (July 2019)

Hounslow Cycling Campaign welcomes the updated Cycleway 9 plans from TfL and looks forward to work starting this year.

The route will link the town centres of Hammersmith, Chiswick and Brentford and help rebalance their high streets away from motor vehicle traffic towards people walking and cycling.  This will enhance the Borough and improve safety for all. 

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy has clear objectives to reduce the proportion of journeys made by private motor vehicles in favour of walking, cycling and public transport.  Cycleway 9 will make a major contribution to this in West London.

There are still aspects where we think the plans could be even more ambitious to rebalance our streets away from motor traffic.

  • The section of road around Duke Road and Dukes Avenue has the worst record of collisions on Chiswick High Road because of the complexity of turning movements.  Retaining an exit from Dukes Avenue onto Chiswick High Road for motor vehicles will not improve safety and we do not believe the convenience of private car journeys should be prioritised over the risk of injury, or worse.  We ask the Borough of Hounslow to monitor this junction following construction of the cycleway and introduce traffic controls if needed.
Road traffic casualties Chiswick High Road
  • We support the ban on large vehicles using Dukes Avenue and believe even more traffic filtering should be done to reduce rat-running.  Chiswick councillors have highlighted the issues of rat-running through residential streets and we trust they will support measures to address this. 
  • Pollution along Chiswick High Road has reduced with the reduction in the volume of motor vehicles. The number of motor vehicles can be cut further by removing road space and it is disappointing that two eastbound traffic lanes are being retained at the junction with Dukes Avenue at the expense of the width of the cycleway.
Pollution and Traffic Volumes on Chiswick High Road
  • It is disappointing that an extra southbound lane is being added on Kew Bridge. This does not seem to be aligned with the objective of reducing private motor traffic and encouraging walking and cycling.  We call upon TfL to address this section of road, perhaps as part of the Borough of Richmond upon Thames plans for Kew Road.

We recognise that TfL and the London Borough of Hounslow have the difficult job of balancing demands from multiple stakeholders and we continue to support the Cycleway 9 plans as they will deliver major benefits to people in West London.

Cycleway 9 is just one part of a journey towards healthier and safer streets for all and we ask TfL and the Boroughs of Hounslow and Hammersmith and Fulham to start implementation at the earliest possible opportunity.

25 July 2019