We are an active group and run a wide variety of events across the borough, from attending community events such as the Brentford Festival and Brentford Market to running social rides and campaigning for better facilities for cyclists.

We had a very positive meeting  with Assembly Member Darren Johnson, looking at issues along the route of the much awaited Cycle Superhighway no. 9. On another occasion we also rode part of the route with London’s cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan.

As a result of our Revitalise Hogarth campaign, Assembly Member Murad Qureshi has filed a question to the Mayor of London

See our views about Transport for London’s plans for a new crossing across the A4 near Isleworth & Syon School

See our views about Hounslow Councils plans for a protected cycle lane on Alexandra Road, Brentford

We are asking for Transport for London to Revitalise Hogarth roundabout and provide continuous protected cycle lanes on the Great West Road (A4) and on Burlington Lane (A316).

See our views about Transport for London’s plans for the A4/Ealing Road Junction

We have produced a critique of the plans for a cycle lane on Boston Manor Road and asked people to support Option A and we are really glad that the Council have chosen this option.

We are asking Councillors how they will support the requests made during the Space for Cyclingcampaign

We are asking local Members of Parliament to improve the facilities that the Department of Transport is willing to provide and particularly requesting wider use of cycle-specific traffic lights.

We are asking Transport for London and decision makers in the London Assembly to improve cycle lanes on TfL’s roads, particularly on the A312 and A4.