Earth Day Picnic 2018

A picnic on Turnham Green with some celebratory freebies!

We hope everyone enjoyed the Earth Day Picnic. Great weather and lots of nice things going on

Hopefully everyone got one or more of the following

Their Freeby seeds from Abundance London – spring is here!


Freeby elderflower cordial from Abundance London made from Chiswick elderflowers .


Free tree map from The Street Tree and TreeTalk  – explore Turnham Green’s local trees and follow a walking trail with TreeTalk. There are some amazing trees on and around the Green.Dr Bike


Bike Security Marking


A Bike Juice experience

Thanks to all who came by foot, by bike or by public transport .

Thanks too to Winston and others for organising rides to the event.

And a special thanks to those who don’t bring any single use plastic – this year’s Earth Day theme is END PLASTIC POLLUTION.