Hounslow Council have a consultation to reduce through-traffic on Linkfield Road in Isleworth. The council have calculated that 74%-98% of vehicles travelling east are through-traffic.

The consultation ends on the 16th January 2017.


While this consultation is largely about the impact of high vehicle flow on the communities that live around minor roads, similar schemes in Wigely Road (Hanworth) and Church Street (Isleworth) have shown particular benefits of making routes easier to cycle along.

Our initial view is that Suggestion 3 will have the greatest benefits for cycling
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The Council have three different suggestions:
1. Linkfield Road to become one-way westbound from Twickenham Road along its entire length, a contraflow cycle facility would be provided. Traffic would need to use Kendall Road or Loring Road to gain access to St John’s Road. This would reduce eastbound through traffic on Linkfield Road however would not reduce all through traffic via Loring Road.

2. No entry into Linkfield Road from London Road (except cycles). This junction would become exit only onto London Road, however Linkfield Road would remain two way. This would reduce most of the eastbound traffic using Linkfield Road. Westbound traffic and through traffic using Loring Road to access London Road would be unaffected.

3. Closure of Linkfield Road around Grainger Road (except cycles). This would remove virtually all eastbound and westbound through-traffic on Linkfield Road. In order to reduce the dominant eastbound flow of through traffic this closure would need to be sited to the west of the junction with Grainger and Linkfield Road.


There are other aspects to consider:

  • All going well, cycle superhighway no. 9 will pass along London Road and reduced motor traffic on Linkfield Road could make it a good feeder route off the cycle superhighway.


See the full details of the consultation here

3 thoughts on “LINKFIELD ROAD”

  1. This Road has been a problem due to the fact that the Isleworth area is a cut through from the A4 to the A316 and as such is full of people trying to cut through at any cost.

    Option three would be the best option in my opinion

    Keep up all the good work this council is doing in the area.

  2. I spent quite a bit of time looking at these options before I realised that only option one mentions having a bicycle contraflow system. For me that would be the best option.

    I think the whole of the road should be accessible to cars because there will be people who will need to get to places on this road and will need cars to do so. It makes sense to have option one as well because if people can get all the way through there is not going to be confusion with people trying to enter and leave at junctions along its length, which is a sure fire way to snarl the place up and lead to more knock downs on corners.

    To change from one system to another half way down would be something that would upset my rhythm as well. Plus I think that wherever possible bicycles should be given their own dedicated routes in order to make cyclists feel they have just as much right to be there as drivers, thereby encouraging more cycling and all the good things that come with it. So in summary, it is option one for me.

  3. Would suggestion 3 not just end up with people using Castle Road to bypass the closure? Also making the street no entry for all but cycles would help CS9 on when/if it comes along London road as its 1 less side road that would need to be dealt with (1 less point of conflict or delay depending on the approach)

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