We provided comments on Hounslow Council’s exciting plans for a protected cycle lane on Alexandra Road.

We support the proposal for a road closure to motor vehicles, and a contraflow cycle lane on Alexandra Road in Brentford, but would recommend a raised entry treatment is provided at the junction with the High Street in order to reduce the risk to cyclists cycling eastwards along the High Street towards Chiswick of being in collision with vehicles turning into Alexandra Road. This risk would be increased by widening the kerb radius. This would also reduce the risk of cyclists using the contraflow in Alexandra Road being struck by vehicles turning off the High Road into Alexandra Road too fast.

We would also suggest that the cycle lane is widened, preferably to 2 metres, to help accommodate two abreast cycling, and the use of trailer or cargo cycles, particularly to help parents cycling their children to the primary school.

A continuous two-way cycle route should be provided from Alexandra Road to St Paul’s Road so cyclists travelling from Half Acre towards Kew Bridge can avoid the busy traffic light junction on Brentford High Street.