Local residents thanked the workmen building improved pedestrian and cycling facilities at Kew Bridge by providing them with breakfast.

Construction work for Cycleway 9 started at Kew Bridge before Christmas. The workers are building protected cycle lanes at the junction with improved pedestrian facilities, including a new pedestrian crossing by Kew Bridge Station.

Michael Robinson, borough co-ordinator for Hounslow Cycling said,

“the South Circular and Kew Bridge junction are currently dominated by motor traffic and are hostile and intimidating to people on bikes and on foot. The new cycleway and pedestrian facilities will be a big improvement. We thought the workers building the new scheme should be thanked for helping to keep us all safe so we brought them breakfast and hot drinks for their morning break”.

Claudia Wright from CVU, the contractor doing the building work for TfL added,

“the breakfast was very much appreciated by our team and it was a great opportunity to bring our workers and the local community together”.