Consultations for the following Local Plans:

  • Great West Corridor
  • West of Borough

Discussion topic opened on Cyclescape.

Response provided

Hounslow Cycling (“We”) welcome the references to improved cycling infrastructure in these plans. We would, however, like to see more clarity on exactly what routes are proposed. Greater clarity would make it easier for property developers to understand what LBH planners are looking for before raising finance, bidding for sites and submitting planning applications. That in turn would help to ensure that what is actually built will eventually link up to form a coherent network. Disconnected sections of bike lane, however well built, tend not to encourage take-up of cycling as the gaps seem dangerous to inexperienced cyclists.

We regard the transport objectives and policies as positively prepared and justifiable. They are (as far as we know) consistent with national policy, legally compliant and in accordance with the duty to cooperate. Our concern is that ambiguity may reduce their effectiveness. Specifically:-

GWC6 [Q32/33]

1. We are disappointed that the cycle path along the A4 is not treated as a continuous transport link that can be improved. Piecemeal changes to the A4 cycle lane based upon individual developments are likely to perpetuate the highly variable quality of the lane with acceptable and unacceptable sections.

2. The alternative parallel route to the A4 nearer to the railway is also being treated as discrete sections dependent upon specific developments rather than a continue transport link. This also means this route is likely to be discontinuous and of different use.

3. The A4 creates severance and we would like prioritisation of N-S walking and cycling links. The southern sections of Hounslow Priority Cycle Network routes 10 and 12, which cross the Great West Corridor to join CS9, are of of the highest priority. The link to the North Circular from the GWC Eastern zone is also important.

P3 [Q40/41]

4. We request that the new developments around Kew Bridge are permeable to people cycling. Given the mix of different developments for the stadium, resident and possible new rail link, we believe there is a risk that easy cycling through this area may not be considered.

5. We support keeping Lionel Rd S closed to motor traffic and request cycling provision on this route is considered as part of any future options for this road.

WOB6 [Q66/67]

6. We note the dependency on LHR 3rd runway approval and funding from LHR for extension of the Hounslow Priority Cycle Network routes to Heathrow.

7. We request that the relevant Hounslow Priority Cycle Network routes (as documented in the borough transport strategy) are copy-and-pasted into the West of Borough Local Plan.