Gunnersbury Avenue runs along the eastern side of Gunnersbury Cemetery and Gunnersbury Park.

‘Segregated cycleway’ planned for western side of Gunnersbury Avenue (next to park and cemetery)
Transport for London are proposing widening the cycleway on the western side of Gunnersbury Avenue, next to the cemetery and park. We also need to ask for a raised cycle lane at the entrance to the cemetery and restrictions on parking cars that block the cycleway at this cemetery entrance. The supposedly segregated cycle lane is also not segregated in front of the International School. We need to ask for a continuous segregated route that runs in front of the school.

‘Shared pavement’ planned for eastern side of Gunnersbury Avenue
TfL are proposing to make a 5m wide ‘shared use area for pedestrians and cyclists’ on the eastern side. Please ask for a raised platform at the entrance to Power Road, Manor Gardens, Park Place and Park Way to make this route continuous and to indicate priority for those travelling by bike. TfL also need to make this cycle route clearly link to the cycle routes at Chiswick Roundabout.

The London Cycling Design Standards state: “Partially segregated and shared use footways are generally not recommended alongside the carriageway where there are better ways of providing for cyclists.”

Larch Drive in front of Chiswick B&Q
The crossings across each end of Larch Drive need to be improved so that the A4 cycleway and Gunnersbury Avenue cycleway can both safely link to Chiswick roundabout. The geometry of these junctions needs to be tightened up to ensure vehicles speeds are appropriate for allowing cyclists also to cross these junctions. It would be great to have a much clearer cycle route across the entrance to B&Q.

More information about the plans

Consultation ends on 20 March 2016