Hounslow Cycling strongly supports the proposed scheme for a “School Streets” zone around Marlborough Primary School, The Green School for Girls and Smallberry Green Primary School.

We agree that reducing the use of the private car for trips to school would have many advantages as outlined in Section 8 of the consultation document. If motorists’ use of the zone around the schools is restricted in school run hours then there will be significant benefits for pupils from improved road safety, air quality and opportunities for physical exercise. Local residents will also enjoy health & safety benefits (though admittedly some inconvenience) while motorists might reasonably anticipate reduced congestion. Reduced carbon emissions help everyone.

We note that Crashmap shows 14 pedal cycle casualties in ten years along the stretch of London Road covered by this scheme. It may be many years until TfL addresses this with the CW9 Extension to Hounslow. We therefore welcome the proposed use of red route controls on London Road for longer periods on weekdays and Saturdays. These controls, if effectively enforced, will make traffic flow smoother and safer for cyclists and buses. That will help the Borough to achieve its aims for road safety (“Vision Zero”) and increased propensity to use active travel and public transport.