Hounslow Cycling Campaign ( HCC ) fully supports the construction of the CS9 cycleway and would applaud returning to the original concept of CS 9 from Hyde Park in the East to Heathrow Airport in the West.

Over the last seven years HCC has had the pleasure of working with The London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) in developing earlier CS9 schemes and we look forward to assisting LBH and Transport for London in the detailed design and in the delivery of the CS9 scheme protected from motor traffic and in accordance with the London Cycling Design Standards.

HCC believes that a safe protected cycleway for CS9 is essential for the health of West London and its population and we look forward to a cycleway suitable for all users including children, families, shoppers using local shops and cafes, senior citizens and those with impaired mobility, a cycleway for all connecting the town centres of Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth and Hounslow and suitable for a variety of cycles including cargo bikes and family carriers. A direct safe link between our town centres, our shopping centres, our work places and Hammersmith and Central London.

We note that a segregated bidirectional cycleway is proposed for the majority of the route and that bidirectional cycleways are included in the London Cycling Design Standards and are used widely in Continental Europe. That said we ask, that with increased demand, TfL and LBH ensure and make provision to upgrade CS9 to the preferred ‘with flow’ configuration and that in the future, ensure the route can be easily linked to other destinations in the borough and beyond.

We believe that CS9 will encourage people away from motor vehicles which will improve the air quality, improve physical health and encourage healthy families in Hounslow. Driving by younger people in London has dropped substantially and CS9 is the key first step towards future proofing our borough.

We look forward to the construction of CS 9 and to riding safely from Hounslow to Central London.