The London Cycling Campaign Borough Groups for Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond sent the following questions to all candidates for the South West London constituency in the 2021 London Assembly elections.

The candidates are:

  • Candice Atterton (Labour)
  • Andrée Frieze (Green)
  • Gareth Roberts (Liberal Democrat)
  • Nicholas Rogers (Conservative)

The questions and responses are:

Climate Change

Question 1

Can you tell us your personal commitment to act upon Climate Change, especially with regard to walking and cycling?

Cycling Infrastructure

Question 2

In the government’s ‘Gear Change’ policy, the Prime Minister said: ‘When I was Mayor of London, one of the things I was proudest of was building some of the world’s best cycle lanes.’

Where in London would you ask the Mayor (whoever it is) to build some of the world’s best cycle lanes?

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Question 3

Traffic data shows there has been a steady increase in traffic through residential streets, probably a result of SatNavs. Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have generated controversy however there are many streets in London with measures that restrict through traffic which have been implemented over many years, and there are no calls for their removal.

What criteria would you want the Mayor to apply to borough funding for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?

Borough-specific questions

Question 4 – Hounslow:

Cycleway 9 construction is approaching completion at Kew Bridge and has been implemented using temporary materials on Chiswick High Rd.

Would you support the extension of the Cycleway 9 route to the west, linking town centres of Chiswick, Brentford and Hounslow?

Question 5 – Kingston:

Would you support creation of protected cycle lanes on the A243 Hook Road, currently a dual carriageway red route, to improve conditions for cycling between Hook, Chessington, Surbiton and Kingston?

Question 6 – Richmond:

Our town centres are almost uniformly rendered unwelcome by high volumes of through traffic. Twickenham Church Street shows that businesses can thrive without these high volumes of traffic. Would you prioritise our town centres as places to which people can walk and cycle, and places where people want to spend their time, rather than simply being arterial routes for other areas?