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London Cycling Campaign has developed six concepts that we are asking councilors to apply in different places:

  • Protected space for cycling
  • Safe routes to schools
  • Areas without through motor traffic
  • 20mph speed limits

Greenways Liveable Town Centres
In each ward we agreed collectively as a group to ask for a particular issue to be addressed. We will be asking Councillors how they will address each issue:

We are asking for a Safe route to Lionel Road Primary school that would also provide a safer cycle route to & from Brentford Leisure Centre

Chiswick Homefields
Safe routes to Cavendish Primary School including a 20mph limit that includes all residential roads

Chiswick Riverside
Safe routes to Schools: 20mph speed limits around schools and improved road crossings

Greenway along River Crane passing through Cranford park and connecting Hatton Cross and Twickenham

Feltham North
Greenway along River Crane linking Sparrow Farm with Hatton Cross and Twickenham

Feltham West
A safe route to Feltham Hill Primary by providing a continuous protected space for cycling along Feltham High Street

A continuous protected cycle route along both sides of Hounslow Road (A314)

Hanworth Park
A 20mph limit on roads around local schools

Heston Central
A 20mph limit on roads around schools

Heston East
A traffic-free greenway path from Lampton Park to Tentelow Lane, connecting with Heston School

Heston West
Safe routes to Cranford Community College and Berkley Primary School

Hounslow Central
Hounslow town centre should include a network of cycle routes between the shops and should be designed to make cycling and walking easy

Hounslow Heath
Safe routes to local schools

Hounslow South
Protected space for cycling on Hall Road and over the railway at Bridge Road

Hounslow West
Protected space for cycling on Bath Road

A cluster of three Primary schools around Old Isleworth village require protected cycleways

Osterley and Spring Grove
A greenway following Osterley Lane through Osterley Park, joining the Grand Union canal to Brent River Park and Centaurs

Protected space on London Road (A315) from Hounslow to Brentford and beyond

Turnham Green
A quietway from Chiswick Road, via Essex Place, Dolman Road, Fishers Lane, Chiswick Back Common, under the railway bridge and on to Walpole Way in Acton

Chiswick buzz TV’s programme about our Safe Routes to Schools event

In Hounslow borough, this is what the Hounslow Cycling group mean by Safe Routes to Schools. This includes primary & secondary schools, universities and colleges, both state-funded and privately funded.

  • Double yellow lines around all corners within 1 kilometre of each school. The yellow line must be 4 meters long on each side of the corner
  • Minimum of 4 timed flashing school signs per school
  • Introduce 20mph speed zones in streets within 1 kilometre of every school, with maximum driver awareness through using 20mph painted circles on the road and traffic calming measures.
  • Every school must have safe pedestrian crossing points within 1 kilometres of the school. These crossings must be visually marked. Red Tarmac, red bricks, red asphalt should be considered.
  • All roundabouts within 1 kilometres of a school must have triangles on every entry road, properly marked pedestrian crossing points and a  “Caution” triangle sign.
  • A promise that from 22May 2014 the needs of cyclists and pedestrians will always be taken into consideration at an early stage of planning for all new development schemes, including housing and business developments, as well as traffic and transport schemes, this should also include the refurbisment of footways by Hounslow Highways as part of their 25yr pfi contract with LBH.
  • Pedestrian and Cycle safety assessment when pavements and roads in Hounslow are being resurfaced is essential.  The question to ask every time a foot way is being refurbished is “Could this be a safe shared path?”  and when repaving next to a busy road – “Is there room for protected space for cyclists, with or without using all or part of the grass verge?”  If such questions were already being asked, then the recent blunder of reinstating a lamp post in the middle of a cycle lane could have been avoided: