Help forge a better cycle route between Kew Bridge and Chiswick

Hounslow Council have drawn up plans to improve Wellesley Road in Chiswick. About three quarters of traffic along Wellesley Road is through traffic resulting in excessive vehicle speeds, gridlock at peak times and an unpleasant environment for pedestrians and people on bikes.

Wellesley Road is a priority route for cycling and is likely to form part of Cycle Superhighway No. 9 into central London. Traffic management measures that prevent through traffic are essential to making this a more liveable street and a much safer cycle route.

Hounslow Council propose three options:
Option 1 No motor access to South Circular from Wellesley Road and Stile Hall Gardens. Access from South Circular maintained into Clarence Road and Stile Hall Gardens.
Option 2 No westbound access for motor vehicles past Oxford Road North, except cycles. Oxford Road North access unaffected.
Option 3 No westbound access on Wellesley Road for motor vehicles past a point between Harvard Road and Oxford Road North. No access to Oxford Road North (except buses and cycles).

Consultation responses must be made before Sunday 18th December

We suggest our supporters respond to the consultation supporting option 1.

We do not believe option 3 will be effective reducing through traffic. The choice between option 1 or 2 primarily affects local residents rather than people cycling through the area. Unless you have a strong alternative preference please follow Hounslow Cycling’s lead and support Option 1.

We will be requesting that Hounslow Council monitors vehicle speeds during any trial of traffic management.

More information about the consultation can be found here