Hounslow Cycling Campaign welcomes the statement from the London Borough of Hounslow clarifying the status of Cycle Superhighway 9 (CS9).

While we are disappointed with the delay until after the May council elections, we fully understand that large engineering projects can take longer than originally planned and the borough cabinet needs key information from TfL to decide the detailed implementation.

Hounslow Cycling Campaign has raised a number of aspects of the CS9 design also highlighted by the council. We are confident that the additional time will allow TfL to further improve the CS9 implementation, which is the objective of the consultation process.

In our campaigning, we have encountered many people who quietly support the scheme, the objectives of healthier streets and safer walking and cycling for all, enabled by the CS9 protected route linking the town centres of Hammersmith, Chiswick, Brentford and Hounslow.  We are confident this support will be reflected in the consultation results, as it has been for all previous cycle superhighway schemes.

We acknowledge concerns regarding elements of the scheme and would welcome constructive dialogue on specific aspects, as we are likely to have common ground.

However, we are disappointed by the lack of a constructive approach from some opponents and attempts to politicise the scheme.  We have provided a rebuttal, with supporting evidence, of the Chiswick councillors’ response to CS9 for consideration in the consultation process.

We look forward to working with TfL, London Borough of Hounslow and neighbouring boroughs for the implementation of a solution for all who want changes to deliver a better future for our borough with healthier streets, safer cycling and walking facilities and a flourishing local economy.


London Borough of Hounslow statement on CS9:

Hounslow Cycling Case for CS9 v5